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January 10, 2008

Datagrid headerRenderer checkbox to select checkboxes in the row

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I had been trying out to implement the datagrid headerrenderer + itemrenderer to allow select all/deselect all checkboxes on the datagrid rows

I have picked various ideas from the examples given by Alex on datagrid itemrenderers and created a demo to show how to implement the checkbox select all with header renderer.

[You can preview the example to see what I am talking about and download the code here]


December 17, 2007

Testing frameworks

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Yesterday at initRIA one of the guys shared about the following frameworks available for testing, in addition to the popular ones.

1. (a unit testing framework)

2. ( a functional testing framework)


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This was the first time I was there at a User Group Conference. initRIA was simply rocking. Live-Documents by InstaCol blew up our minds. There was lot to learn and see what people in the community are doing.

Thanks to the organizers and the sponsors for giving a rocking event.

Here are some of the photographs clicked by Abdul 

September 6, 2007

Flex 1.5 to Flex 2 actionscript converter

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I had been asked by my manager on how much time will it take to convert the intranet Flex 1.5 application to Flex2. Instead of doing the basic stuff for converting the app manually, I thought of writing a utility of replacing code.

The utility takes care of the following

I . Finds and replace
1. application namespace
2. Void with void
3. newline with \n in .as file
4. _root with Application.application
5. Application.alert with mx.controls.Alert

II. package the class

Following are the regular expressions I have used to replace the content (not sure if this is the best way to do the task)

file_content = Regex.Replace(file_content, "xmlns:mx=\"\"", "xmlns:mx=\"\"");
file_content = Regex.Replace(file_content, "\bvoid\b", "void",RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);
if (fi.Extension == ".as")
file_content = Regex.Replace(file_content, "\bnewline\b", "\"\n\"", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);
file_content = Regex.Replace(file_content, "newline", "#&13;", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);
file_content = Regex.Replace(file_content, "\b_root[.]\b", "Application.application.", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);
file_content = Regex.Replace(file_content, "\bApplication.alert\(", "", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);
String packagename;
if (fi.Extension == ".as")
Match m = Regex.Match(file_content, @"(?<class>class)(?<packages>.*[.])(?<classname>.*)");
file_content = Regex.Replace(file_content, @"(?<class>class)(?<packages>.*[.])(?<classname>.*)", "${class} ${classname}");
packagename = m.Groups["packages"].Value;
file_content = "package " + packagename.Substring(0, packagename.Length - 1) + "{n" + file_content;
file_content = file_content + "n}n";

September 3, 2007

Understanding Flash player garbage collection

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I got the following links from one of my internal mailing list on how does Flash Player handle garbage collection.

Garbage Collection and Memory Leaks

Understanding garbage collection in Flash Player 9

Resource management strategies in Flash Player 9

August 24, 2007

Get perfomance statistics for AJAX applications

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Ajax View is an HTTP proxy that instruments JavaScript to give you JS performance statistics. Download the tool

August 23, 2007

cfgrid cfajax enhance keyboard accessibility

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cfgrid has the default selection mode as RowSelectionModel, if you want to give your user keyboard accessibility (so that the user can move around the data grid cells with key board arrow keys and edit content easily) perform the following changes in the \ColdFusion8\wwwroot\CFIDE\scripts\ajax \package\cfgrid.js file (I am not sure if the license agreement allows to change this file on your server)


  1. Search for new Ext.grid.RowSelectionModel and replace it with new Ext.grid.CellSelectionModel();
  2. Search for this.grid.getSelectionModel().selectFirstRow(); and comment it out
  3. Search for this.grid.getSelectionModel().selectRow and comment the line

August 9, 2007

ColdFusion debugger for Eclipse

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I am tired of writing cfdump or cflog statements to debug my CF code. CF 8 has come to rescue with the IDE debugger. I have installed the plugin on FB3 and love it.

This article on devnet will help you to setup the debugger for Eclipse.

July 30, 2007

New Trial downloads available

Filed under: ColdFusion — deepuverma @ 5:35 am trial downloads has been updated for the following products

1. ColdFusion 8

2. FrameMaker 8

Cairngorm code generator

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Cairngorm Creator is a Flex code generation application that enables developers to quickly define and create a Flex application skeleton based on the Cairngorm micro architecture. Check it out

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